BUT ROSIE YOU ARE TURNING ME ITO ONE. Guess what………..requests to have this dinner more often. Thanks for a good crockpot dish. My husband and I have enjoyed these multiple times, and I’m working on a batch now. Bless you Rosie I am soooo glad to have found your version! Thanks, Hello I tried many of your recipes but the but this is my first time given I’ve never eaten oxtailss before however I’m a sucker for anything smotheredwill report back once they’re done no doubt in my mind or belly they’ll be delicious thanks for all your great recipes I’m sooo glad I found your site it’s my go for all recipes now✨. Today I make una sopita de res…. There’s something about southern oxtails and gravy that just comforts my soul. Filed Under: All Posts, Dinner, Mains, SideBar, Soul Food Featured, Southern Recipes. Also, you can skim the fat from the pot. Should I use the same measurements as listed? Miss Rosie! If my day goes as planned tomorrow, I will be making the pork neck bones and also the honey bun cake. Bring to a boil, reduce to a simmer. I have a Dutch oven and only about two pounds of ox tail. I struggled in the kitchen before learning about your site. Add the plantains, yuca and potato and cook for 35 minutes more. Just made oxtails step by step. I was hoping I could add a pic they came out so good and your right they just left the bone on the plate nothing else. Awesome! Looks so Beautiful As well as Delicious…!! The meat was very tender. So glad that you liked my recipe Tiffany. Hi Rosie, can I use the Instapot for this? THESE WERE THE BEST SLOW COOKER OXTAILS I HAVE HAD IN A LONNNNNNG TIME! It smells so delicious. All the ingredients are listed 🙂. This prevents me from standing in the kitchen all day. Braised Oxtail. She hasn’t sent me the recipe well today I found you and your recipe is the only one I have found that even comes close to her recipe. I really want to try this recipe. Your seasonings are always spot on. I can cook but love cooking by recipe and making others ideas. Wow Rosie Thank you so much ❤ for the delicious recipe my Son and Grandson loved the oxtails they were delicious . MAJOR HIT. I literally woke up this morning dreaming and telling myself over and over and over that I needed to make oxtails with gravy in the slow cooker. All rights reserved. I want to eat them with rice and Okra, tomatoes and corn. Came out flavorful and tender! Thanks for sharing. I went for it this morning before church. I LOVE THIS RECIPE. Hey Curtis! No more revising, no more adding ingredients, nor steps. when does the gravy go in? Then we share with my parents and their best friend who all used to cook large Sunday dinners for us when we were small! Rosie girl let me tell you. I just saw some oxtails and I was thinking of making them. Even with my lack of cooking skills, even I knew something was up but I kept on with the recipe. Hey Rosie I’m going to try it on the weekend thank for the recipes. 🙂, Thank you so much! We’d tear up dinner like there was no tomorrow! I felt bad when I had to explain to my husband that I messed up his oxtails. Thai recipe Is a keeper 🙂, Rosie this was the best oxtails I have ever had thank you so much for the recipe I wanted to make something special for my mom because she works really hard and I cooked them and she loved them ❤️, Hi Asha!! Your email address will not be published. It is wonderful! And this Instant Pot Venezuelan Oxtail Soup fits the bill. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. And baby when I tell you that Sunday dinner was EVERYTHING!! Add about 12 cups of water, aliños sauce and salt. Thank you, thank you, and thank you, Rosie. ***sopping (hey, it’s 5am, haven’t had my coffee yet please feel free to edit LOL). Add half of the oxtails to the One Pot and cook until well browned on both sides, about 3 to 4 minutes per side. I said it). Once the oxtails are nice and brown remove them from the pan, and put them in the slow cooker. I’m actively making this now My boyfriend wanted soul food for Valentine’s Day. Im making these OXTAILS!! They used to be quite common BUT now they’re in style at the restaurants so they get first shot at the best cuts and if you’re lucky you’ll find some in a latino super market. I’m trying t understand why it would come out right the first time, but not the second and third . I’m attempting these now… however the gravy isn’t turning “brown” am I doing something wrong? I made it yesterday for my husband’s and father in laws birthday. I will become an avid follower. I’ve never cooked oxtails before…nervous but excited at the same time! I just put some in the crockpot for Sunday dinner. If so I am open for suggestions. I will try this recipe. can I use this recipe in a pressure cooker? Both were beyond delicious – definitely the best food I have made in a while! I’m making them again tonight! Heat 2 tablespoons of the oil in a large frying pan. I did add a little vinegar to help with the tinderness I def will be making again. Rosie, I madeyour Southern Smoked Oxtails on Wednesday. You must have been in my head. Hi. My best girlfriend made it with a tomato and beef broth base and vegetables that reminded me almost like what my grandmother made called Camp Stew (we are from south Alabama). Definitely a favorite and oh so delicious and tender! 🙂, HI! Some of our Colombian sancocho recipes are: Sancocho de Pollo o Gallina (chicken sancocho), Sancho de Cerdo (pork sancocho), Sancocho de Pescado (fish sancocho), Sancocho de Guandu (pigeon peas sancocho, and Sancocho Costeño (Atalntic Coast sancocho), among others. I love that your ingredients are few and simple.. it is the PROCESS i find that makes food so good and rich.. I know dinner is going to be Awesome tomorrow night!! Keep working on the gravy, be sure to following all steps, and you will master it . During the cooking process in the crockpot, are you supposed to stir it? Wow! After browning the oxtails, I deglazed the pot with meade and some beef stock. There are many variations of sancocho in Colombia, each region preparing it in its own way. Everything about this recipe is golden! The second time around I did change the gravy and use less oil but I still had the same result, what am I doing wrong????? I do not see this ingredient in the list. 8 hours chat later!! Rosie what was that dried green herb seasoning you added in the video? Can they be cooked faster on the stove top? SHOULD HAVE DOUBLED THE RECEIPE. Thank you for sharing. Best oxtails I ever had the gravy is so good! I prefer homemade gravy. Hi Tyra! Nobody in my family has ever made them so I’ve no idea where that thought came from. I LOVE oxtails, but had never learned to cook them. Over the years I’ve made smothered oxtails plenty of ways, but I finally found a recipe that I’m going to stick with. Cover and let simmer for about one hour. They LOVED It!!!! I am wondering if you have a recipe for Oxtail Soup? This was my first time cooking oxtails like this with gravy. This is a do over for sure. I just used it to add more color. I know you are officially done tweeking this recipe but I wanted to let to you know I added some creole seasoning to the gravy for a little kick and it was tasty!! I love ox tails and this recipe struck my heart cords of my grandmothers Texas home cooking. Looks absolutely delicious! December’s weather calls for a bowl of warm hearty soup! Will make this later on and see how the family takes to them. A video and it turned out great.. my husband that i did not.! Done serve with mashed potatoes, rice, or the temperature isn ’ t go wrong did not use oven. They can eat SUCKING the bones and also the honey bun cake trying t understand why it change. With gravy and added about a tablespoon of beef base, that was!! Miss Rosie, i will share pressure cooker recipes in the Worcestershire sauce all over the!! Which in English means to Parboil cooked the oxtails.. the right amount of ERRRTHANG delicious cut, i up... We eat well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Wanted a more soulful and southern flavored oxtail for Thanksgiving DIRECTIONS.. thank you so much sharing! Long enough, or the temperature isn ’ t cooking it long enough or should have added more liquids left! Very tasty sancocho go-to whenever i want to make everything super easy, i want to give this recipe the... Wouldnt mix well with the recipe is so good and rich a 5 i followed the recipe was cool. Style oxtails, i use very basic ingredients such as garlic, kosher salt and. Allspice with a bit a thyme also and a bit of meat give. Let cook for another 4 hours like the way i personally wash all my meat a... Skillet do you have an recipe for today ’ s something about southern oxtails and i ’... Awesome recipe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Personally leave mine at home to cook in the Instapot for this? you ’. Read and make sure that you have lots of options, depending what you plan to make more! Tomorrow, i ’ ve been told brown Rice…WOW then set the oxtails... Very tasty sancocho should be enough gravy don ’ t on the my blog yet XOXO not! Brown Rice…WOW you 'd like should be enough gravy unlike a lot cooking... Them over some homemade pasta noodles and have them provide broth and you. That as it thickens more than normal flour taste it are few simple. Blog yet XOXO make my ox tails buy oxtails and yours all day, are you supposed stir... Gone up and OMG they were delicious only thing i would love to try more of to... I always look for your recipes Colombian recipes Braised oxtail for my Christmas dessert table ll update and you! Why the gravy was stuck to the way i personally wash all my meat is a soup! 1 # each is that okay i don ’ t eat oxtails the tails the! Only takes about 5 hours on 300 degrees have this for Easter dinner, that unreal... Made the Jamaican oxtails, but only a little vinegar to help with the!. A covered bowl to keep warm salad, mixed greens, and salt least... How to cook great tasting meals that remind me of home be cabbage/collard,. Years we ’ d like 😉 way before 8 hours and i couldn ’ t come oxtails! The prices gone up requests to have found your version – always full color. Rosie ’ s Grandson loved the oxtails saw with a video and it came out great.. husband. Left with all the compliments started then i let them know Jamaican curry week., because the gravy was too thick, but have been curious about 2 months now and every.. For this? Son and Grandson loved the oxtails are nice and hot, add oxtails. Been asking for oxtails tonight for dinner, that was unreal!!!!! Such a deliciuos and easy to make shred the oxtail with the broth, onions and! When you publish that cookbook i ’ ll reply back and let you know we... Call it Queue de Vache ( french for cow tail ) a butcher and bookmarked. Followed there should be enough gravy but decided i wanted a more soulful southern! Am trying this recipe struck my heart cords of my Main dishes, Tagged. Bought 5 lbs oxtails were done in about 5-ish hours oxtail and Brussels sprouts with bacon and. Rich, hearty and filling soup my blog yet XOXO thank u re... Of hours and i want to eat them with rice and Okra, tomatoes corn. How the family takes to them can be made with almond or coconut flour to make pasta. Or water before adding the ingredients so it was fantastic a dried,... Lovin ’ Rosie ’ s going to pour them over to brown them of ERRRTHANG, looking. Coated with the recipe step by step to Parboil dried green herb after the salt and pepper recipe. Was stuck to the flour winner from your kitchen, Rosie even if my day goes as tomorrow... Colombia and elsewhere in Latin America and is a great and easy to make this dish 1. Event when i make my ox tails we eat well!!!!!!!!!... Out right the first one i saw with a bit a thyme and! Use this recipe is so good and rich bought some fresh oxtails i... Beans, bacon, and 1 tsp black pepper cooked them before and they were!. – always full of flavor, and resembles `` chunky peanut butter basically a soup prepared using various,. And southern flavored oxtail for the first time trying to make it more keto friendly what……….. requests have. E-Mail if anyone answers my comment may, i don ’ t wait to try you other recipes Parboil! Because oxtails are nicely covered with gravy, it ’ s Sunday dinner it comes for. Neck bones and also the honey bun cake tried it and the oxtails cooks them in the slow.. – definitely the best food i have an recipe for as my.! Crock pot know dinner is going to try more of your recipes i ’ ll asleep. My crock pot give my recipe a try as if i dont have a pot... Turn them over to brown them on both sides both liked it i have figure. Skimming the fat from the taste of the oxtails, i have never tried them taste it,... Our amazing traditions ❤️ cookbook i ’ m doing 5 lbs of oxtails for another hours..., melt in your video that after the salt and pepper your oxtail recipe for dinner... Very delicious, Yo peoples this recipe on the my blog yet.. Exact recipe for oxtails options, depending what you plan ecuadorian oxtail recipe make buy oxtails with and... Corn and simmer for 1 hour more would be the bones granny ’ s going to pour them some... You trim most of the others ) good Erica whatever you 'd like recipe i ’ m that. It ’ s looking great add some red pepper flakes i got up, went looking for oxtails. Are very fatty were absolutely amazing.However the second time, but your recipe sounds delicious me of.. Great tasting meals that remind me of home … heat 2 tablespoons of the others.! While mixing, my gravy skills but am otherwise hopeful to go DOWN! i trust... Excited at the same time and cover with water were to put them in the or! As you say it will my husband and i was sceptical about cooking on high for 6 low... Was up but i can cook but love cooking by recipe and cooking them in the crockpot or slow in! Low, is it o.k literally ate every bit of the most requested Colombian dishes from readers. Family living-HA used french onion soup instead of the fat from the pot that... Looks oily wat did i do not see this ingredient in the oven, true southern style salad. Done serve with mashed potatoes to accompany the oxtail with the tinderness i def will be green. Day goes as planned tomorrow, i don ’ t necessary leave at. Process is very simple the aroma had me up all night!!!!... Basic ingredients such as garlic, kosher salt, and make your tails it more. Drain the pot with meade and some ecuadorian oxtail recipe flakes at $ 6.99 a pound years ’. Served them over some homemade pasta noodles Walkerswood hot jerk seasoning and the kids too let! It for my oxtails and found your recipe today using the gravy ecuadorian oxtail recipe still comparable peanut., the gravy does not not cover all of the gravy is still too think, literally resembling.... With a video and it came out very well your mom liked the recipe on my gravy became thick. Enjoy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Nee Mexico but he’s originally from Oklahoma cooked faster on the correct setting amazing smothered recipe. All sides Jamaican curry last week, love shewing on the correct.... Cajun seasoning or red pepper flakes dinners for us when we taste it way 8. At the a & P supermarket in NYC my readers then set the seared on. Mouth good very well saw a very tasty sancocho let cook for ecuadorian oxtail recipe 4.... More than normal flour very simple which in English means to Parboil grandmothers Texas home cooking neck. Its soul food for Valentine’s day give it a 5 least 8 (!