Asking your boss for something—whether it's more flexibility, less work, more support, or (gulp!) This is a legitimate fear for many. Come to any. Join over 100,000 of your peers and receive our weekly newsletter which features the top trends, news and expert analysis to help keep you ahead of the curve. Don’t come to your boss from a place of frustration and discontentment. I'd be happy to help you. By leaving as little room as possible for questions, you will increase the chances that your PTO is approved. You can write a request letter for a certificate to ask for your certificates or business or company’s certificates. If you’re familiar with Career Contessa, you’re probably familiar with our Gimme Script—which is our signature method for asking for a raise. Some of these asks, of course, are more delicate than others. Share your goals and ask for feedback. Don’t: Assume that asking for a promotion is a one-and-done discussion. Of course, the most straightforward way to ask for a promotion is simply to ask. It’s not worth the repercussions should you be found out. If you have a close relationship with your boss, you might ask for a day off in a face-to-face conversation. Show that you have thoroughly utilized other avenues for help. Sure 2. Alas, it can be! Salary Project™, How To Ask Your Boss for Learning Resource Reimbursements, burnout is recognized as a serious clinical diagnosis, How to Focus: Why Focus is a More Important Skill Than Ever. Get this person's full name, address, phone number and title. Once you ask for a specific amount, your boss will probably counter with a lower amount. Framing what you are looking for as a favor implies that you are prepared to reciprocate down the line. If you’re going to ask for a favor, ask for it. By definition, if you’re asking someone for a favor, you’re imposing on them. Our comments are moderated. Would you mind giving me a hand? Career advice for women, Best … “I apologize for the delayed reply” Their own networks are likely to dovetail with your specific needs often, be it a prospective client or partner or new recruit for your organization; a new board member for a nonprofit you volunteer with; investors for a side project; or a job opportunity for another contact in your network. Be thoughtful when offering your anchor. Here are a few templates to get your asks into writing—or to use as a guideline script to ask face-to-face. That might mean pre-planning your day off a few weeks in advance. Finally, make the request reasonable, expressing willingness to reciprocate the kindness. Here’s how to ask for more work. We’re not here to tell you that negotiation is easy and can be learned overnight. Similarly, the anchoring effect can be used in a salary negotiation. This is. Think about it: How you ask for a favor from your boss is a lot different than how you ask for a favor from your friend. It goes like this: The best thing about the Gimme Script is that you can apply elements of it to most asks. We worked with our good friends over at Recruiterbox to put these together, since they know a thing or two about helping people work together effectively. Well, not really. 1. If you verify the purchase before doing it, you will know for sure if this is genuine or not. Negotiation can be scary, especially when it involves money. The Brief Reaching out for a favor can be tricky among friends. Asking for a promotion in title only might be a little less intimidating that asking for a monetary raise. Or she may be interested in the job description for the new position so she can speak to your relevant skills and abilities. Here's a template to ask your boss for resource-related reimbursements. For instance, if your friend asks you to help him out with a project, you might ask some follow up questions to get an idea of what is needed. If you are writing to ask a favor of a company, then you might need to call the company secretary to identify the appropriate person. That’s right, we’re bringing in science to help you get what you want at work. However, you don't want to come across as demanding or acting like you're entitled. Surely your less-than-satisfactory employment is better than no employment at all, right? And sometimes, the last thing you need is more work. This sort of initiative shows your boss that you’re not the type of employee looking to show up, clock hours, and collect a paycheck. Your comment may not appear immediately. Here are some tips on asking for favors: Be direct but polite. It has been published here with permission. 1. Maybe it’s to get a recommendation for a job … or to get time off from your boss … or to get invited backstage to meet your favorite band … or even to get some advice on a tricky business situation. If you are asking someone to do you a favor, to read your article, to mention your business, to take a look at your product, etc., you need to be very polite and use “would” or “could” sentences. 3. a raise—can be incredibly daunting. So how exactly do you cross this workplace Rubicon? Rather, frame your ask in a positive light by highlighting all the work you’d be excited to do. Never beat around the bush when asking someone to do something for you, or the person may not get the gist of what you are trying to say. Maybe that’s a place to help. Without further ado, let’s get to asking our bosses for what we want (and what we deserve!) Trust your instincts and protect yourself (and your company). If you are looking for a title promotion, you may present the skills you have learned or optimized in the past year—as well as how you plan on using them in your new role. If you feel uninspired or like you’re suffering from under-challenged burnout at work, consider asking your boss for more work and responsibility. However, if there is a medical reason, family emergency, or another factor that requires you to make the request later than suggested, simply communicate that in written form. But don’t lose the opportunity simply because you don’t know how to ask the question. Demonstrate that you are aware of the reader’s work and circumstances. Even in 2020. We recommend you read those articles first so you’ve got some useful context for these templates and when you might choose to use each one. Sometimes, you'll want to save your specific ask for a face-to-face discussion. No problem. When making a last-minute request for time off, supply your boss with a back-up plan. Framing what you are looking for as a favor implies that you are prepared to reciprocate down the line. It can be intimidating to ask for a favor—and equally uncomfortable to turn someone down if you’re not really in a position to help. If you want to skip ahead to the asks, you can go ahead: Asking for anything can be uncomfortable, but let's dive into why it's that way in the first place. 2. Provide basic self-introductory information so the reader quickly and accurately knows your current status. The takeaway: Sure, it may not always be appropriate to ask your boss for an introduction to someone in his network.